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To Reign in Hell

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March 18th, 2011

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So, I guess I'm starting back up on this blog. I haven't even been keeping my journal all that well. But I do need the outlet. I'm stuck in my house all alone. My mother chased out my cat, Sibyl, who slept with me 24/7, though she says it wasn't on purpose. One of the neighbors brought her back. My mom was pissed. She said "Things just got worse, Sibyl's back." There a really bad flea infestation in the neighborhood, but somehow it was all the fault of my cat, who hadn't even been in the house. She was trying to trap Sibyl in a cage to take her to the pound. So I asked Solomon to take her in. She was threatening to have my cat possibly killed just because she was having a bad day. That was a horrible thing to do. She lets Joe torture and emotionally and mentally abuse her and then makes sure that everyone around her is forced to bear her misery.

March 20th, 2010

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Just when you think life can't get any worse, they go and publish a Twilight graphic novel. With Bella's long flowing beautiful hair. I actually read through it because I want to be able to do that with my hair.

March 6th, 2010

It's finally warm enough to let the iguanas hang outside for awhile. I'm starting to worry about Camille. She's listless, she hasn't tried to bite me in almost two weeks. She's just sitting in the small outdoor cage when she usually scrambles around for at least ten minutes before accepting the inevitable. She's gravid (aka: full of eggs) but she's never been like this when she was gravid before. I'm in a tough time financially so I may have to make the choice of giving up taking myself to the doctor or my lizard.

On the warm note, if one more person tells me that this is a really cold winter therefore global warming isn't real, I think my head really will explode.

March 4th, 2010

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So Germany is suggesting that Greece sell some of it's islands to make up part of it's debt. That actually doesn't seem like a bad idea. There are a lot of eccentric rich people out there. And if you have an island worth, say, 15 million dollars, and then say "it's on the Mediterranean Sea", it's now worth 20 million dollars.

March 2nd, 2010

Back from the dead

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So I finally have a steady internet access again, and cable on the plus.

August 15th, 2009

I went and saw District 9 tonight. It was a bit gruesome but surprisingly good. What else do you expect from Peter Jackson? While I've heard that it's about apartheid and illegal immigration (which would make contrived, whites and blacks viewing themselves as different species represented metaphorically by, dun dun dun, two actual different species and illigel aliens played by...ALIENS) it's a very creative way of looking at a theme, plot, whatever, that has been done to death. I really like how instead of putting the aliens in a otherworldly setting, they're put into the everyday world. I have to admit, I really liked the exploding people. I would also be interested in a District 10, but that should be enough to explain everything.

July 7th, 2009

I started a torrent and glanced at how long the estimated time was......over three years. I was so shocked I couldn't get days or hours. Three years, who would sit and download a torrent for three years? It went down to seven hours but still it was a bit...shocking. It wasn't like like I was trying to download a clump of all six Star Wars movies in HD or Blue-Ray; though now I'm curious how long that could take.

On the Blu-Ray note, Blu-Ray is derived from blue-violet laser (so sayeth Wikipedia so it could be completely wrong) so, why Blu-Ray? Why not Blue-Ray? Our we on a campaign to remove vowels from our written language, like Arabic? R we plp?

I can't believe this but, I miss Napster. With Torrents, it's almost always ' download entire discography'. I just want one song. Everything else the artist wrote is crap and I just want one song! And I don't want to spend six hours downloading an entire discography for it.

Also, Love Me Dead, great song. And not the band I was talking about with only one good song.

June 24th, 2009

The world is ending

copyright Scott Adams
My mother set our kitchen on fire. We all made it out okay, even my iguanas are safe. My mother wouldn't let me back into the house to save them because I would have had to go past the kitchen. We also have a lot of bored firemen in our town, about twenty of them showed up, plus paramedics, plus police. Stephanie is being the greatest friend, she's letting me stay with her and even stay in her apartment while she's gone for two weeks. Her husband is finally home from Iraq and she wants to be with him. Over and beyond that generosity, she's letting me borrow her truck while she's gone. Yesterday was her birthday and I'm still trying to find something amazing to get her.

Of course, given my family, I've been watching this stuff in Iran very closely. This is how I've decided the world is ending. All of our news, CNN, BBC, everybody is reporting, as fact, everything people post on Twitter. Our news is coming from people who are proud of the fact they're called "tweets." I mean, it's great that they're doing their part to help these people but, seriously, Twitter. I mean, CNN is showing their direct quotes, netspeak and all, Farsi netspeak even (like '7tir' meaning HaftirI) I hate Twitter.

I'm also upset about how many people are saying "Neda Revolution." Yes, what happened was tragic, yes we caught it on video, but I think naming this after her downplays or almost ignores the fact that she's not the first to die, hundreds of others may have died, are ready to die. She may be the symbol of that sacrifice but that's taking it to far. Yeah, maybe that's insensitive, but this more about the election, women's rights, their economy, the youth movement, tyranny, a lot of things. Which is completely ignoring the fact that it's not a revolution, a riots, maybe a revolt, but we're still a ways off from revolution. The last Iranian revolution took two years, these protesters are tiring out after two weeks.

Make no mistake, I'm certainly not on the government's side, I'm just getting tired of the way people are reacting to this, it's almost yellow journalism. They want to make it as bad, as serious, as possible.

April 7th, 2009

I gottsies presents!

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Thank you to everyone who sent me something for Easter!
Dale, all the cards are great but man, that Hello Kitty card ::I a not worthy::
Maria, I love you and your beautiful handwriting, legible but with style, the cards as well, were beautiful and tasteful. And, you made it with almost a week to spare. Shove somebody off their high horse.
I' not sure if you check this anymore, but I also got a letter fro Jenna....written on see through paper. I mean, I know we've written to each other often enough to get creative, but if you write to me on tissue paper, I'm sending you a giant coconut POSTAGE DUE! Better yet, Durian, postage due.... At least she had the decency to use the cool new art stamp they came out with (Albert Bierstadt)

I'll send out formal thank you cards later, I just know it's nice to know your mail didn't get lost along the way

April 2nd, 2009

Easter Part 3

copyright Scott Adams
Okay people, it's crunch time. If you need help finding good postcards, tell me what you like and I'll fit you up, you'll welcome to dig through Solomon's pictures too, any of the ones on my lj that caught your fancy. just search the photo tag. Easter presents too, if you don't like door number one, door number two is yours to paint. But come on! You guys have no idea how much fun I have celebrating Easter! Don't suck the life out of my favorite holiday!

Sorry about the book thing, I'm trying to get Solomon to take them, but he wouldn't until I offered them to my friends first. So, a chance at a present and getting Solomon off my back in one quick post. Although I'm certainly starting to miss Solomon on my back...

Carues and Emm, quick question, I know you like on the other side of the country from the Québécoise. But how much French can you pick up?

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