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To Reign in Hell

Easter Part 3

Easter Part 3

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Okay people, it's crunch time. If you need help finding good postcards, tell me what you like and I'll fit you up, you'll welcome to dig through Solomon's pictures too, any of the ones on my lj that caught your fancy. just search the photo tag. Easter presents too, if you don't like door number one, door number two is yours to paint. But come on! You guys have no idea how much fun I have celebrating Easter! Don't suck the life out of my favorite holiday!

Sorry about the book thing, I'm trying to get Solomon to take them, but he wouldn't until I offered them to my friends first. So, a chance at a present and getting Solomon off my back in one quick post. Although I'm certainly starting to miss Solomon on my back...

Carues and Emm, quick question, I know you like on the other side of the country from the Québécoise. But how much French can you pick up?

  • We both haven't used any of our French since highschool. I can still read at a low elementary school level but can't speak or understand much at all.
    • I' losing my French too, even the blue words. My personal favorite remains vas te faire enculer. I think I'm going to try and find a French pen-pal who needs help with her English and we can trade linguistic ability.
      My dentist is Québécoise and he's always testing the limits of my French, since his asissant is his wife, also Québécoise.
  • My video card died so Im posting from my PDA. If Im a little quiet for a while thats why.
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