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To Reign in Hell

I can't see the sun at midnight, it must have exploded!

I can't see the sun at midnight, it must have exploded!

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It's finally warm enough to let the iguanas hang outside for awhile. I'm starting to worry about Camille. She's listless, she hasn't tried to bite me in almost two weeks. She's just sitting in the small outdoor cage when she usually scrambles around for at least ten minutes before accepting the inevitable. She's gravid (aka: full of eggs) but she's never been like this when she was gravid before. I'm in a tough time financially so I may have to make the choice of giving up taking myself to the doctor or my lizard.

On the warm note, if one more person tells me that this is a really cold winter therefore global warming isn't real, I think my head really will explode.
  • They don't get the concept of climate shift. It's not that the temperature is increasing dramatically, it's that it's a little bit. That little bit is enough to make a big impact. Things like a blizzard in Virginia or any kind of snow in Arizona aren't normal.
  • The cold

    I really don't think it has been any colder than last winter. I think we are just more aware of temperature patterns now that we are adults... or at least I am.
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