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To Reign in Hell

I gottsies presents!

I gottsies presents!

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copyright Scott Adams
Thank you to everyone who sent me something for Easter!
Dale, all the cards are great but man, that Hello Kitty card ::I a not worthy::
Maria, I love you and your beautiful handwriting, legible but with style, the cards as well, were beautiful and tasteful. And, you made it with almost a week to spare. Shove somebody off their high horse.
I' not sure if you check this anymore, but I also got a letter fro Jenna....written on see through paper. I mean, I know we've written to each other often enough to get creative, but if you write to me on tissue paper, I'm sending you a giant coconut POSTAGE DUE! Better yet, Durian, postage due.... At least she had the decency to use the cool new art stamp they came out with (Albert Bierstadt)

I'll send out formal thank you cards later, I just know it's nice to know your mail didn't get lost along the way

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