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To Reign in Hell

The world is ending

The world is ending

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copyright Scott Adams
My mother set our kitchen on fire. We all made it out okay, even my iguanas are safe. My mother wouldn't let me back into the house to save them because I would have had to go past the kitchen. We also have a lot of bored firemen in our town, about twenty of them showed up, plus paramedics, plus police. Stephanie is being the greatest friend, she's letting me stay with her and even stay in her apartment while she's gone for two weeks. Her husband is finally home from Iraq and she wants to be with him. Over and beyond that generosity, she's letting me borrow her truck while she's gone. Yesterday was her birthday and I'm still trying to find something amazing to get her.

Of course, given my family, I've been watching this stuff in Iran very closely. This is how I've decided the world is ending. All of our news, CNN, BBC, everybody is reporting, as fact, everything people post on Twitter. Our news is coming from people who are proud of the fact they're called "tweets." I mean, it's great that they're doing their part to help these people but, seriously, Twitter. I mean, CNN is showing their direct quotes, netspeak and all, Farsi netspeak even (like '7tir' meaning HaftirI) I hate Twitter.

I'm also upset about how many people are saying "Neda Revolution." Yes, what happened was tragic, yes we caught it on video, but I think naming this after her downplays or almost ignores the fact that she's not the first to die, hundreds of others may have died, are ready to die. She may be the symbol of that sacrifice but that's taking it to far. Yeah, maybe that's insensitive, but this more about the election, women's rights, their economy, the youth movement, tyranny, a lot of things. Which is completely ignoring the fact that it's not a revolution, a riots, maybe a revolt, but we're still a ways off from revolution. The last Iranian revolution took two years, these protesters are tiring out after two weeks.

Make no mistake, I'm certainly not on the government's side, I'm just getting tired of the way people are reacting to this, it's almost yellow journalism. They want to make it as bad, as serious, as possible.

  • Don't blame Twitter.

    The reason people are reporting Twitter right now is that it's the only information they really have access to.

    Also, glad you're safe. Haven't heard from you in awhile, and it's good to know you're still around :)
  • It's not, that's the thing. Both Twitter and Facebook have been hacked by Iranian government (Mousavi's website in particular). They're also posting deliberate misinformation. There are Western reporters who have proven reliable sources that they can use for information. Twitter's only use is for visual information.
    I'm not saying they shouldn't use Twitter, I'm just saying that the fact that they have to use Twitter and that everyone is accepting that as 'journalism' is a very sad statement.

    I was off because I had no insurance so I couldn't post anything remotely coherent. It would literally cost me $2000 a MONTH to get my medication, even cutting back. But since I stopped eating, slept about five hours every five days. I finally went to the doctor and got the base minimum amount that I can do. Which doesn't include lithium, here comes insanity time!
  • http://www.peachyphotos.com/po/folder/897

    My re-modeled kitchen
    • Yikes... glad you made it out OK.

      This situation in Iran has me torn up. The Basij are returning the humiliation they received last week tenfold. I'm hoping this some sort of cycle where the protesters figure out some sort of strategy, but many are saying there's no central group directing them, which means they can't organize properly. I'm not hopeful.

      I'm not sure what the right response is.. I feel pretty helpless simply wearing green.
      • I've talked to people in both Turkey and Saudi Arabia and most of the people over there seem to agree with the protesters but very much have a hands off policy. Iran has always said that they want to lead the world in an Islamic Republic and they're worried about spill-over and backlash.
        Also, Floridians don't seem to care much. I mean there are huge protests in D.C., New York, L.A., etc. Orlando, not so much I don't even think there's three dozen in the whole city. Although there are a few hundred in Miami.
        I'm going to get in touch with Nuriye, Solomon's mom and talk to her. She actually lived through the Iranian revolution and I really want her view on this and the similarities and differences.
    • Omg. What the heel happened? Lose control of a blow torch or something?

      Also, everyone in Florida is retired or on vacation. They don't care about what's going on outside :P
      • That was meant to read as, "Did she lose control of a blow torch" not "Did you" but I fail at communication.
        • The official line is:
          Woman cleans paint sprayer parts in mineral oil on stove, while
          Cooking rice on other burner, while
          Going outside and painting, while
          Leaving both burners on.
          Mineral oil is quite flammable.
          • My mother left the iron on unattended in the basement for 4 or 5 hours yesterday, 2 of which were when no one was home, so I can't really express too much shock.

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