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To Reign in Hell

Worst thing a download can say

Worst thing a download can say

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copyright Scott Adams
I started a torrent and glanced at how long the estimated time was......over three years. I was so shocked I couldn't get days or hours. Three years, who would sit and download a torrent for three years? It went down to seven hours but still it was a bit...shocking. It wasn't like like I was trying to download a clump of all six Star Wars movies in HD or Blue-Ray; though now I'm curious how long that could take.

On the Blu-Ray note, Blu-Ray is derived from blue-violet laser (so sayeth Wikipedia so it could be completely wrong) so, why Blu-Ray? Why not Blue-Ray? Our we on a campaign to remove vowels from our written language, like Arabic? R we plp?

I can't believe this but, I miss Napster. With Torrents, it's almost always ' download entire discography'. I just want one song. Everything else the artist wrote is crap and I just want one song! And I don't want to spend six hours downloading an entire discography for it.

Also, Love Me Dead, great song. And not the band I was talking about with only one good song.
  • It depends on who's seeding, what kind of internet they have, how many seeders there are, and how fast your connection is. Lots of factors. Not everything will download that slow.

    If you just want one song, find a video of it on youtube and then put the url into one of those youtube to mp3 converter sites. Some make you download something or sign up, but keep looking, because there are free ones.
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