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To Reign in Hell

Worst thing a download can say

Worst thing a download can say

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copyright Scott Adams
I started a torrent and glanced at how long the estimated time was......over three years. I was so shocked I couldn't get days or hours. Three years, who would sit and download a torrent for three years? It went down to seven hours but still it was a bit...shocking. It wasn't like like I was trying to download a clump of all six Star Wars movies in HD or Blue-Ray; though now I'm curious how long that could take.

On the Blu-Ray note, Blu-Ray is derived from blue-violet laser (so sayeth Wikipedia so it could be completely wrong) so, why Blu-Ray? Why not Blue-Ray? Our we on a campaign to remove vowels from our written language, like Arabic? R we plp?

I can't believe this but, I miss Napster. With Torrents, it's almost always ' download entire discography'. I just want one song. Everything else the artist wrote is crap and I just want one song! And I don't want to spend six hours downloading an entire discography for it.

Also, Love Me Dead, great song. And not the band I was talking about with only one good song.
  • u can make it to download one song. just select the torrent you want then unselect the songs u dont want to download from within the bt program itself
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