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To Reign in Hell

The age of the bunny has begun


copyright Scott Adams



Skipped Back 10

March 28th, 2009

(no subject)

copyright Scott Adams
My sister is forcing us to have a garage sale. I decided to let you guys have first dibs on the books. Some are actually good, like Time's Arrow, I recommend that for Carus. Some are useful, like the computer ones. For something small, like Time's Arrow, it can be an Easter present, but for the giant books, maybe we could split the shipping?

Time's Arrow by Martin Amis

Love, Loss, and What I Wore by Ilene beckerman

Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris

Redwall by Brian Jacques

Sassinak by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon

Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice

Web Design Complete Reference by Thomas Powell

Master VISUALLY-Dreamweaver-MX and Flash MX

Incomplete List

Fetish Magazines

copyright Scott Adams
I don't know if this is true of all porn magazines but I swear fetish magazines are horrible. The front advertised stories, articles and more, but thirty pages, and I'm not counting one side of the page as one and the side as two, but the whole page, front and back as one).

I mean, come one, that is just ridiculous. If it was a magazine to meet professional doms and subs, it would have been perfect, but that's not what they said it was. And you know how sometimes they're wrapped in plastic and you're taking a chance, Lady Luck had abandoned me. With one exception.

Spank Your MonkeyCollapse )

March 27th, 2009

Yesterday, I has an appointment with my OB/GYN. Just a medication thing, no probing. She wouldn't let me leave. Her office is in the Medical Arts Pavilion associated with a hospital. She wouldn't let me leave, I was just crying and I told her not to worry about it, in comes and goes. She fast tracked me through the emergency room, they did tests. They gave me a painkiller that, when I slept, my mouth was slightly open and I scraped the skin off of my tongue. I can barely drink. I think I'll be living on yogurt for while. It really hurts. You can see it in the mirror, it's red and swollen. Also, between the red and are part and the normal part, there's this whiteish, tan that almost looks like a pus filled thing. That's that I'd say if it was on any other body part.

March 26th, 2009

(no subject)

copyright Scott Adams
I am appalled and ashamed at my last couple of posts. I have finally reached a level of pain where I don't care at all about correct grammar or spelling.
I had hoped this day would never come. I don't even type like that in IM, where everything is looser.
Ack, gone, pain, lay, down, drugs.

March 24th, 2009


copyright Scott Adams
I am so upset. I had almost half of my Easter cars written and read to you, except for stamps and now I can't find the box I have the all in for saftety. I think my livejournal ones were the only ones left. I can remember what I wrote in some of the, but some had ipotant stuff that I don't remember.

Normally, the automatic response would be: clean your room and find them. Yeah, when I can't even stand up, I'm suppored to clean my roo. The only good news is I have some tie. Easter is until Apil 12 and it usually takes a week or less to sens things, two days to Miaimi or Orlando, a week aybe to British Coloumbia.

March 22nd, 2009

Today, my half-sister Bridget came over and was talking about a plant in her backyard that our mom had called Easter lilies. I searched google to show Bridget was Easter lilies were, to make sure o knew what she was talking about (she often doesn't), and google tried to autofill in "Easter sex toys." WTF mates? I have no idea how that one happened, I'll just sit quietly and browse.
Since, as you know, I write a lot of letters and send cards and things, I've gotten really into stationary and notecards. I've recently discovered that a lot of places are also selling calling card. Yes, as in 19th century announcing a person has come to your door, cause, of course, your butler can't just say their name. I mean, useful if no one is home or if it's that you don't know each other well so you leave a card and wait to see if you're welcome. But, nowadays, what the heck do people even use them for? And why? I don't understand. Sometimes they have the same information as a business card, sometimes not. I don't even what the different ones mean. Are they used differently or are they just different styles? They also have children's calling cards. I'm still shocked when I see eight year olds chatting on cell phones, what do they need calling cards for?

March 21st, 2009

Easter Part 2

copyright Scott Adams

Since I used to send you guys pictures for presents and I can't anymore, this is the next best thing. If you're having trouble finding something you like, let me know what you like. Either I have it but my system isn't that easier to navigate (entirely too possible) or I can get it for you. Like tacky tourist cards, I have none of those, but some people COLLECT them. I'm not making a value judgment just a well.....ummm.....come one, they're tacky and clichéd. But I will bear this task, in the name of friendship and in the hope of bunnies in return.

Also, this is just my primary suggestion, journals are another option. Journals are my default gift. Not default in the sense that I have a pile of journals, all the same and hand them out when I don't want to bother to think of something unique. Each journal I get someone is unique and, i hope, fitting. I mean default in the sense that, I think everyone needs a journal, a paper one, so if I so if I don't know someone well (be honest, I number many of you amongst my friends but it's not like I know your shoe size or anything.), or if they don't know what they want (I like it when people give me some options, clues, to figure out what to get them), or if the giftee needs or wants one anyway. Lots of reasons to give a journal, the fact that I think everyone needs and deserves on makes it my default. I also kind of think some things are like tarot cards, you shouldn't buy them for yourself. Sometimes journals are like that, not always. I mean, someone in the group has to break down and buy the friendship journal, hehehe.

So pick your cards, don't worry about the number limit, I'm not ALWAYS a heinous bitch, ask for a journal, or give me an idea or an order of  what you want.

Oh, and I was serious about wanting a fleur de lis wax seal. If someone gets it for me, I promise I'll write them letters more often. I used to have some sealing wax, I think I'd just have to find it. One can never be sure.

Also, I've been really sick and out of it, so I know I've missed birthdays, so I'm thinking journals all around! If you did not receive a birthday present from me last year, please let me know what you want!. And don't go all like "you don't have to get me anything" cause that will just make me PISSED OFF. It's not nice to make me pissed off is it? So just accept the fact that I like sending people presents, I like it if they like them and I love wrapping them. Don't be afraid to ask for porn or lube or something. But nothing too expensive. I mention that here cause I know good naughty presents are really, really, really not cheap. Maybe I should send every one Different Loving.  If you have an Amazon wish list, please respond to this with the name I can use to find it, because of this, comments will be screened.

I'm posting pretty fast, like sometimes more than once a day, so if you want to catch everything, you have more than one new post.

March 19th, 2009

So Angry Must Kill

copyright Scott Adams
Well, I refuse to go into details and it's none of you on livejournal, but I just found out that I have been completely betrayed in a relationship. Every word, every touch, every promised was a LIE. A fucking lie! Hypocrite fucking son of whore. He ruined what could have been the best thing in my life for NOTHING. FOR HIS OWN GODDAMN EGO TRIP.

I seriously can't decide if homicide or suicide is the best option.

Oh, and my leg. My left leg is completely useless. You know that feeling when it goes to sleep for a really long time then you have five minutes of excruciating pain and pins and needles. Well, it's been like that for over a week. I've set up pillows around my bed because 70 percent of the time I stand up and hit the floor and I'm tired of cleaning up the blood.
The doctor's checked for a blood clot, cause that could kill me, after that its "uh, I dun knw I drinkers my way thru med school.

To top it off I'm trying to apply for SSI (government disability) but the pain in my leg is so bad I can't remember my birthdate, so I take some drugs. then i can't remember why I need to remember my birthday.

So I'm thinking, if I commit homicide, at least I'll have a place to live, food to east, and free lesbian sex.

March 18th, 2009

Proof That

copyright Scott Adams
No matter how wonderful your pasture is, the grass is always greener, and tastier, on the other side.

Sorry the pic is down. When there is a pic here, you'll know it'd fixed.

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